Whose Brand is This?

Let There Be Lighting does not have a traditional line card. Instead, we’ve partnered with the factories that make the fixtures you already know and trust. These are the same commerical grade fixtures being sold by the big box retailers and distributors under brand names that you’re already familiar with. Chances are you’ve already purchased one of our products before. You just didn’t know it because it was put in a box with a well-known name on it instead. Rest assured, our products are still DLC and Energy Star Certifed. 

Why pay 2x, 3x, 4x, or more for the same fixtures when you can get them factory direct from us? We only sell high quality fixtures, but our prices can give the impression that you’re getting a cheap product. The only difference is that you’re not paying for a name on a fancy box. What you get from us is not the same poorly made products that you find on most discount online marketplaces. We proudly stand by our products and will do whatever we have to do to ensure your satisfaction. Of course, there are always a few bad fixtures that slip through the cracks. In those instances, we will make sure that you get your fixtures replaced promptly and without hassle.

Another advantage we offer is our large inventory. We have multiple warehouses located in the Mid-West so we can get products to you efficiently and quickly. In those warehouses, we always have tons of stock right here in the US and can accommodate orders of any size. You need one unit to complete a project? We’ve got your back. You need an entire truckload of products? We’ve STILL got your back!

If you’re ready to save money without having to sacrifice quality, then Let There Be Lighting!